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To Embrace a Highlander –
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Fenella Campbell, known as the Campbell Witch. Her legendary knowledge of herbal remedies places her as a healer, while her visions of the future name her the devil’s own. With mismatched eyes and locks the color of flame, she sees herself as one of the cursed. Her daily struggles with prejudice and superstition have left her on the outside looking in.

Conroy MacKay, youngest of the MacKay brothers, is known best for his carousing ways. Loved by woman and admired by men, there’s no challenge he can resist. Drawn into a dare by the drunken boasts of another, destiny forces him down an unexpected path.

Fates brought them together, but jealousy and betrayal would tear them apart. In a world full of mysticism, intrigue and cruelty will they be able to find a way back into each other’s arms?



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