Kindle Countdown Deals

TD---Kindle-CountdownFor the month of April, I have created two Kindle Count Down Deals. Both novels are part of my paranormal series, Volkoff Pack.

Book One: Tonight’s Desire is the story of twin brothers who find their destiny in the arms of one woman. This ménage tale will go on sale March 30th – April 5th.

Book Two: Love’s Forbidden Embrace
On sale April 8th – 14th!

LFE---Kindle-CountdownThe characters from Book One are back with some new additions added into the mix. Hailey is the only she–wolf in existence. Her ability to shift makes her not only unique, but coveted by many. Dante is one of the oldest vampires alive. His age and wisdom makes him a prime candidate to lead his people, something he wants no part of.

A mission to find answers takes them overseas where conspiracy is the word of the day. Danger surrounds them at every turn and Hailey’s body picks now to throw her in heat? The couple must find away to reconcile their attraction before rampant lust gets them killed.

Love Combined Cover Reveal!

Volkoff Pack: Book Three — Cover Reveal!


Two sisters, twin mages, have suffered for over a century with the inability to experience even the most casual of touches from another. A move by the now struggling European Council has placed them as pawns in a game neither wanted to join.

Two men, both shifters have spent their whole life sharing the good and bad moments life has thrown at them since birth. Now the most powerful werewolves in their society must meet their destiny head on as the Goddess tests them once again.

Say hello to a few new characters, as well as many old ones in this double romance. Mia gets her wish for two more of the people she loves as Dmitri and Grigor fumble through the possibilities of a happily ever after.

While the book is delayed until Spring of 2016, the cover is finished. The decision was made by my publisher, Fantasy Spectrum, to push the release date back until the beginning of the new year. I promise to send out a notice when the official date is set.

In the mean time, a short excerpt is available to whet the appetite for this future release.

On a side note, I want to wish my daughter a happy anniversary.

Once again, I believe my eldest daughter has used her creative talents to turn out another spectacular cover. At age 20, she celebrates her fourth anniversary in this artistic field and I’m proud of her accomplishments. Joelleen, or sandpuppet as she’s known in the creative community, began making book covers at the age of 16. Her debut cover, Lisa’s Halloween Surprise, appeared on Amazon in December 2012. A collection of her works, from beginning to present, is available on pintrest.



Book Cover Contest


Final days to vote for your favorite book cover! Love’s Forbidden Embrace is 1 of 6 book covers to make it into the final rounds of The Masquerade Crew’s monthly Cover War Contest. Thanks to all those who participated! For those who haven’t yet voted, check it out here. There’s a lot of great competition! Who knows, you might even find a new book to read.

Tonight’s Desire — Sale

Tonight’s Desire – Kindle Count Down

Book One of the Volkoff Pack, a paranormal series based in a parallel timeline to our own, is on sale. Tonight’s Desire – a menage romance, tells the story of Mia and how she meets twins brothers, Cyril and Hunter Volkoff. Featured on Amazon, this kindle count down starts at $0.99 and will raise $1 approximately every two days, until it reaches its final price deal of $2.99. Sale runs November 14th – 21st, Enjoy!

The world knows supernatural beings exist and that humans were never the top of the food chain. While some humans will always fear that which they don’t understand most have worked to live in harmony with the Others.

Shifters, Vampires and Mages: three unique species that wish to coexist with humans. At the center of it all stands the Volkoff Pack a paramilitary group trained for centuries to be the defenders of their species.

To Embrace a Highlander — Sale

To Embrace a Highlander — Kindle Count Down Sale

Book Three of the MacKay series is on sale! Thanks to Amazon’s Kindle Count Down feature, To Embrace a Highlander will be on sale from November 11th – 18th. Grab a book and enjoy!