Going Live!

Lisa’s Dreams goes live in less than 12 hrs! The long awaited sequel to Lisa’s Halloween Surprise is finally finished. After many unforeseen delays Lisa’s Dreams is set to go live in a matter of hours. Though I had played with the idea of giving Maggie her own story this novella is an ending to my Danes Family series. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave a review!

Upcoming Books

After careful consideration I’ve made the decision to use KDP Select for both of my upcoming releases. For those who don’t understand what this means it’s simple. I will be selling my next two releases solely on Amazon.

Holiday Weekend!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend. For those who don’t celebrate this particular holiday take advantage of the sales, spend the day with your family or friends, just enjoy the relaxation offered. Stay safe!

Behind Schedule

A bit behind schedule on Lisa’s Dreams. Time between Beta reader and rewrites took longer than anticipated. Will hopefully be ready for editing tomorrow. We may have to push the release date out another week. I apologize to those who have been waiting patiently for the sequel to Lisa’s Halloween Surprise.

Email Me!

Questions or comments about my stories? See an error that was missed during editing or proofing? Let me know! Feel free to email me via my webpage: https://www.srroddy.com/contact. I love to hear from my readers. I answer all emails personally and in a timely manner. I do ask that you not send me copies of your work, they will be deleted by my website admin without me ever even seeing them. Sorry, but this is for my protection as well as your own. If you want your work critiqued I suggest a beta reader. Absolute Write Forums has some very helpful members. Goodreads also has a very nice beta reader group. I look forward to hearing from you.

Final Stages

Lisa’s Dreams Book Two of my Danes Family Series is in its final stages. We are targeting a release date of April 2, 2013. I will keep my readers updated on the progress as we get closer to the planned date.

Male Romance Authors

Looking for leads to some really good mystery style romance novels by male authors. Sorry ladies, but I’m looking for something different than my norm. I’ve read eroticas by male authors, but not much real romance. Call it an experiment if you like or better yet a desire to explore depths of reading I have yet to experience. I prefer mystery, but any genre is acceptable as long as there’s actually an in-depth romance involved. Email me with suggestions. Thank you!