Father’s Day

Men are not my normal followers and I know this, but I do have a father, brothers and a husband. They all deserve special praise for the hard work and dedication they have shown throughout the years to their kids and mine.

Step father, adopted father, biological, or even an uncle or friend who has played the role of father, it doesn’t really matter. You all have the right to be proud of the part you have played in their lives. You guide and protect them into adulthood. At times they may irritate you, you may not always understand them or their decisions, but you will always love them. If they don’t already understand it, some day they will realize how lucky they are.

My children lost their dad to a brain tumor when they were very young. My dad and younger brother both stepped forward to fill in where he no longer could. Later I remarried and my husband took a place in their lives as well. All three men have earned the right to celebrate this day with my children. True fathers in every sense of the word save one.

So you see, I know what I’m saying when I speak these words. Biology has little to do with being a father. It’s the time, energy and love you put into their lives that counts. Today is Father’s Day, your day. Enjoy it, take pride in the part you have played.

Happy Father’s Day!