Happy 4th of July!


US Flag

Every year around this time in the U.S. families gather together for a variety of events. In years past, we would have a makeshift reunion. My sisters and brothers would roundup their kids and we’d either gather at someones house or the park and have a big BBQ. Then as the sky began to darken, we’d find a comfortable place to sit and watch the fireworks. Some years we’d fire off our own, and others we’d be entertained by the local show. One thing always remained the same, we did things together as a family.

Now, for the last two years my family has opted out of the fireworks show because of bad experiences. It’s just not that much fun to drive 30-50 miles to the nearest show just to sit in the heat. My kid can’t breath cause all the adults are smoking around the kids. You have the crowds, the long lines, the loud music that upsets the rhythm of your son’s heart., and then there’s the gross porta–potties. All for only a 15 minute fireworks show. Then sit in traffic for two hours trying to get home. So not worth it…

This year we’re going to make hamburgers on the grill and catch a glimpse of the lit sky from our front porch. Though we don’t brave the crowds, we still maintain our family tradition of spending the day in celebration together.

Today is for family and celebration. Go out, have some fun and enjoy your day. Happy 4th of July from me and mine. Stay safe!