I thought I’d give an announcement on some of my projects I’m working on.


Tonight’s Desire – I have a full length werewolf novel coming out in the next few months. Tonight’s Desire covers paranormal, a little erotic romance, some mystery and of course let’s not forget the ménage a trios aspect. This novel has a little bit of a dark side so reader beware. While it isn’t what I would consider a full blown erotica by any means the sex scenes cover every zone of the body expected in a ménage.

Dragon shifters – I have several short stories that I’m working on with my 16 yr. old son. I hope to have them ready for publishing sometime before the end of the year. He has done the character development and art work himself. My job is to translate his achievements into literary work.


Fiction based on fact – I’m working on two short stories that are loosely based on real life events.


MacKay’s Series – I have Book Three of my MacKay’s Series in the making. Conn and Fenella’s story. As well as a short story based on Miles and Ada’s story.

Print Books:

I’m preparing two print only books for release. They will be a compilation of several of my stories with bonus materials. I’ll release more details as the release date comes closer.

Random Info:

Since I’ve been on restrictive writing privileges I’ve been doing some short posts and reading mostly. So I have several reviews to do once I get a chance. I also have a new blog I started right before I was injured that will need attention. My husband and I have several major updates planned for my website and he’s working with me on some future promotional ideas.

As you can see I have a lot to keep me busy until the end of the year. Especially if you add in the time I spend homeschooling my children, running to music lessons, church functions and family outings.