Shout – outs on Fridays

Every Friday I spend the day searching for cheap and free books. Then post links on my Twitter and Facebook accounts. The idea is to help readers and authors alike. I hope to help readers by providing them one more way to find books. It’s a great way to find a weekend read. I support all authors both traditional and self published. I believe the quality of the story is more important than who published it.

I focus on promos (sales of $3.99 or less) and cheap everyday reads ($2.99 – free). If you’re an author and want to be added to my Friday¬†shout-outs feel free to send me a message with a link to your book or books. Have several books that fall into this category? Send me a link to your author page or bookshelf.


I’m not personally associated with any of the authors I choose for my shout-outs nor do I charge for it. If I’ve read the book I will add a short opinion. I check all links to verify pricing and guarantee the shout-outs accuracy for that Friday only.