Social Media

In recent weeks I’ve increased my presence on social media platforms in many forms. Introducing new Facebook, Twitter and Google pages based on certain aspects of my webpage or books. I’m attempting to become more activity on Pinterest and then I have my Goodreads reviews.

I created a FB page for my Book Trailer Wednesday book reviews as well as a twitter account. The sole purpose of both of these accounts is to share my reviews and other author’s book trailers. Neither account is limited to a certain genre, though my book reviews themselves tend to lean toward romance novels. I wish to support all authors (both traditional and self-pub) as well as all genre.

Another recent change is the creation of two new Google+ pages with the intention of creating a third. My primary goal is to create Google+ pages for my different series’ and the worlds they occupy. Right now my main targets are the Volkoff Pack and my MacKay’s Series both of which I’ve worked hard on for the last year. Delays have forestalled the release of books from either series, but my hope is to correct that within the next few months. In the meantime I’m working on these projects to better share the characters and world’s I’ve created with others.

Though I realize other authors tend to have a larger presence in social media platforms I don’t honestly have the time. Four social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+), my Goodreads account, my weekly reviews, homeschooling my kids, writing, cooking, socializing with my family and finding time for my biggest guilty pleasure, reading, stretches me thin and is enough for me. I’m not super woman and I have no desire to suffer a burn out.

There are only two other things I wish to add to my author arena and that is subscriptions and giveaways. I’m hoping to settle the details on both within the next few months with my webmaster. Just a side note for those who don’t know my webmaster is my husband and he takes his role seriously. The performance and security of our network, which includes my website, is his top priority and he is solely responsible for both.